We got started with labratories and helping them over come their pain points of technical support and the issue of time and money with their LIMS vendor .

  • Labratories love our Pass Thru system called alxTransmit.
  • alxTransmit allows them to drop files into our system which will send them on their way.
  • Some labratories use our branded services for their customers like phyisican groups .
  • Some labratories use custom reports to expand their offerings.
By Industry - Labratories

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By Industry - Hospital


Hospitals love us and we love Hospitals! We work with hospitals on both ends of the process and we have grown our business with them because they see how easy our process is.

  • Hospitals will typically use our Store and Forward process.
  • This allows them some archiving as well as Patient Engagement.
  • With Physician tools this greatly expands the hospitals insight into their patients.
  • We have done additional custom work for hospitals with reports and functionality into the Physician tools.

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Doctors Office

Similar to Hospitals our relationship with them begins from our discussions with them on behalf of Labratory who would like to integrate. The doctors offices see the ease of our process and how our products can offer them a value add.

  • Patient Engagement whether branded or not offer Doctors Offices a leg up.
  • Branded Patient Portals and Branded Mobile Apps give them a great deal of connectivity to their patients.
  • Some doctors offices will use the Physician tools to provide an extra layer of customer service.
  • Doctors Offices integrated with labs barely even have to lift a finger to process the results.
By Industry - Doctors Office

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By Industry - Vet


Vets love us, but we are animal people so of course they do. Vets use a version of our Patient Engagement tools only their patients are furry

  • Vets typically do their own labs so we can help provide simple integrations for their back office systems.
  • This allows them some archiving and history of their labs and reports for their furry clients.
  • This will also allow Vets to keep track of a myrid of data points and provide actionalbe information to their human clients.
  • Yes our software is up-to-date on its shots.

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Dentist found out that working with AroLyte is NOT like getting your teeth pulled which is good cause we dont have laughing gas available.

  • Dentist like to keep their records in the cloud so our Archive tool is popular with them.
  • We have a few that use a customized Patient Engagement system for their clients.
  • We can alert Dentist when their patients are about to bite into a candy apple. No not really!
  • Our process for Dentist is more painfree then they claim their proceedures are.
By Industry - Dentist

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By Industry - Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness and Genetics reports are starting to go hand in hand. From custom reports to actionable data in their clients hands help push their sales upwards.

  • Health and Wellness companies our labratory bandwidth to process their tests.
  • Patient Engagement allows them to send the report to their paying clients.
  • Store and Forward allows them to keep the reports and Knowledgebase Plus allows them to suggest product based on the results.
  • Accessioning with Store and Forward allows their clients to signup at shows or online eliminating paper rec forms.

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